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Service Notice

With continually updated emergency orders and the evolving nature of our collective reality with COVID, the Psychology and Wellness Centre must follow GNB and WorksafeNB protocols as they keep being updated. In the context of the current emergency order, the Psychology and Wellness Centre will be using personal protection protocols with any direct contact client (face masks, sitting farther apart, hand sanitizer), even if proof of vaccination has been offered. This is particularly the case when working with children who are not eligible for vaccination or conducting a psychological assessment requiring direct contact.

The Psychology and Wellness Centre does not have a policy regarding the request for the vaccination status. This information is currently not necessarily required to be gathered for a psychologist to perform a psychological service, as long as it appears reasonable and consistent with the Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Our policy is about working with people, even though you may not be vaccinated. We are informing you that our preference is to provide direct services to vaccinated people and offer virtual or telephone services to those who are not. As a client, you might volunteer your vaccination status independently or indicate that you prefer virtual services. We will not refuse service to unvaccinated individuals, but rather that we both use personal protection protocols or offer virtual services.

In these challenging times, the Psychology and Wellness Centre's top priority is the health and safety of our customers and staff. We will continue to ensure that you and our team are safe through the practices described above. We will also update this page as they become available, so check back here for the latest information. We appreciate your cooperation and support in these uncertain times.

Paulette Levesque
, Psychologist-Owner
Psychology and Wellness Centre