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Absolutely! We can live as a couple without arguing or quarrelling. Even the quarrels that we might think of as being inevitable, we can learn to discuss, even subjects that irritate us, without injury, without being violent, and most importantly, without hurting one another.

Ten tips for avoiding arguments
  1. Remember that you love your partner.
  2. When you have a disagreement, talk about it as soon as possible in a soft, polite and loving manner.
  3. Don't accuse, judge, criticize, humiliate, embarrass or demean your loved one.
  4. Put the discussion on hold until later, especially if you're feeling frustration or anger growing. Take a step back from the situation if you can't resolve the conflict.
  5. Avoid scolding your partner for being himself or herself. Avoid attacking the opinions, the family, the ex or children, the physical appearance, the culture, the religion, etc., of the other.
  6. Say no to domestic or spousal violence. Physical, verbal, psychological or sexual violence is a crime, punishable by law. To talk to someone about it, call the Coalition Against Abuse in Relationships Inc. at 506-855-7222.
  7. No insults, threats or hands raised in anger. Respect the other in all your behaviours. Avoid manipulation.
  8. Know how to recognize your own shortcomings. Share the blame, when necessary. It serves no purpose to insist on proving that you're right. The essential is to resolve the problem.
  9. Don't ever argue in public, in front of those close to you, family or children. This doesn't mean that you can't express dissatisfaction; it just means that you must do so gently and calmly. When we begin to disrespect one another in front of people we love, we cross the line.
  10. Know when to apologize. In the moment, if you can, or later on. Don't hesitate to admit that you made a mistake, that you went too far, and that you're sorry.

As a partner in a couple, you can learn how to communicate efficiently and to express yourself in a kinder way, even in the heat of an argument.