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As a psychologist, I believe being and staying healthy is all about the choices we make. Our choices today shape our day, our thoughts, our experiences, our behaviour — and eventually our lives. If we are always thinking of the past, or worrying about the future, we lose the ability to live in the moment. Living in the moment is where we find joy, gratitude, and our inner strength.

I have come to believe that looking after our emotional health is as important as caring for our physical health. When we are emotionally healthy, we take responsibility for the decisions we make and trust in our ability to handle whatever life sets before us with grace and dignity.

It's long been a dream of mine to bring together a team of professionals that shares my belief that we all have the ability to tap into the full potential that lies within us. The passionate team of sensitive and caring professionals at the Psychology and Wellness Centre are here to help you by providing the tools to make meaningful change in your life. Our work is to help you consciously understand and identify where changes are needed, and then help you to make them. These changes can be monumental — and transformational.

We have what we need to change from the caterpillar into the butterfly inside each of us. I am delighted that the Psychology and Wellness Centre is a place where you come to make life changes that can transform you into the person you've always wanted to be.

Let our Website be part of your transformation!