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What is laser therapy?
The laser therapy we apply is called low-level laser therapy (LLLT). For over 30 years this technology was proven to be much more efficient than high-level laser therapy to stimulate cellular processes and endorphins, reducing pain and inflammation. We apply multiple protocols of low-level laser to key acupuncture auricular* points to stimulate the endorphins, thus promoting the feeling of well‑being and relaxation. This gives our clients an edge over addiction where the body stops to crave stimulants such as nicotine, high-sugar foods, alcohol and pharmaceutical relaxants.

What do our laser therapists do?
Our laser therapists are trained to perform laser therapies using a holistic approach to treat the cause of the addiction as opposed to masking it by combining laser acupuncture therapy with detoxification and nutrition recommendations. This holistic approach gets the body’s own chemistry to heal itself without the risks of any negative side effects and minimizes relapse. We have registered holistic nutritionists on staff and most health insurance plans cover these treatments.

*Auricular: We treat key acupuncture points on the external surface of the ears. We also treat very few points on the hands and below the kneecap in some protocols.