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What is sexology?
Sexology is the study of human psychology and its manifestations. It studies all facets of sexuality, i.e. sexual development, mechanisms of erotic situations, sexual behaviour and emotional attachment, including physiological, psychological, medical, social, and cultural aspects. Sexology also covers particular subjects such as abortions, birth control, sexual abuse, new reproduction techniques or sexual health.

What is a sexologist?
A sexologist works on finding a solution to a sexual difficulty responsible for a disorder or distress. The aim of sex therapy is to foster the development of a more satisfying sexuality and relationship while helping clients to better understand the nature of their problems and find tools to ensure their well-being. In the scope of Bill 21, l'Office des Professions is currently working to recognize the profession of sexologist as part of a professional system of professionals who work in mental health and human relations. A governmental decree endorsing the integration of sexologists is currently awaiting approval.

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